First, the Rock & Roll screenplay, then the all original 25 song Broadway Musical, a One Woman Show & now...

    a Limited TV series

    (Academy Award winning writer/producer of The Green Book)

  • John & Yoko's soul contract

    told for the 1st time, through Yoko's perspective...

    with 25 Original songs...providing the most authentic telling of

    their controversial love story.


    book, lyrics, music & screenplay written by Anzu Lawson/ music by Joerg Stoeffel

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    “Dear John, Why Yoko?” the musical version is:

    Told for the first time through Yoko's perspective, a musical portrayal of the tempestuous and inspiring love and life shared between Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Inspired by Yoko's extraordinary life and her forward-thinking art combined with the musical inspiration of BROADWAY hits ala: Miss Saigon, Les Miz, Jesus Christ Superstar, Rent and Dream Girls. This all original musical & movie (no Beatles songs are ever used) is the unprecedented telling of two rebels from opposite ends of the world who stood together for love against prejudice and war: a love fraught with every tribulation, yet for one far greater cause.


    For the first time, we see the most misunderstood Asian woman in the world, Yoko Ono, (portrayed by playwright/actress Anzu Lawson)... Yoko's poignant journey between her and John to bring Peace and Love to the world... at all costs -- ever Reminding us

    and the next generation to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE love over fear

    regardless of the hate you will face.

    --A story more relevant today than ever before--

    Setting the record straight about Yoko's contribution,

    and re-introducing the next generation to a

    powerful and timeless story...

    by overthrowing generations of hand-me-down racism and fear

    ...with love "


    This message is as timely today as it was the day John and Yoko first posed naked on the "TWO VIRGINS" album cover & Rolling Stones magazine.


    from the musical

    *concept album is still a work in progress (c) BMI anzumusic & (c) ASCAP JoergStoeffel

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    Open in March 1945. America bombs Tokyo for 300 hours in retaliation for the Pearl harbor Attacks

    A 12 year old Yoko flees into a bomb shelter with her family as her mother pushes a wheelbarrow past casualties of war. Then, an adult Yoko vows to do something important with her life through art.

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    New York City 1957, amidst the Warhol /Fluxus Underground Art

    a 27 year old Yoko performs her famous "CUT PIECE" installation, making a name for herself as an underground Fluxus artist, against the Warhol background, while recalling the memories of war.

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    London 1966, Abbey Road Studios

    A duet between Paul and John over their creative dissension while they reminisce the early days when things were simpler, before fame. The Beatles break up song.

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    London, Oct 1966 - Art Gallery

    The fateful night John Lennon stumbles into an art gallery and meets Yoko Ono after he bites into her apple; an art installation called "Decaying Apple." Her forward thinking art pieces "White Ladder", "Hammer in Nail" intrigue his mind. He climbs her ladder and reads the tiny inscribed word on the ceiling... and the word was "YES."

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    A song between Cynthia Lennon, John Lennon, Tony Cox & Yoko Ono

    John and Yoko had children and spouses when they met. It would take 18 months before they could not deny their connection any longer, causing great scandal, hatred and public ostracization.  

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    The world turns against John & Yoko

    One newspaper headline was all it took, and Yoko is publicly blamed for breaking up the Beatles. The world turns against them.

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    John professes his love to the world, protecting Yoko

    The public's hatred towards their union only fueled their love for one another, and their desire for creating change and peace in the world.

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    Yoko's daughter Kyoko is kidnapped by her ex

    People don't know that on Christmas Eve 1971, Yoko's 8 year old daughter Kyoko-chan was kidnapped by her ex husband Tony Cox. Tony changed Kyoko's name to Rosemary & hid her away in a Christian Cult in Texas. It would be 23 years before Yoko would ever see or hear from her daughter again. John and Yoko's endless search for Kyoko made them fight to stay in America against Nixon's deportation plans to squash John and Yoko's popular anti-war activism.

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    Nutopia - on soundcloud (may need soundcloud acct to listen)

    John & Yoko create a new world order

    Inspired by Yoko's out of the box thinking, John and Yoko challenge the world with their peace antics and activism in the name of LOVE.

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    A trio between John, Paul and Yoko the night John was shot

    Short Version of John's assassination song in Act 2: Strung together with Beatles and Yoko Ono song titles to create this gut-wrenching moment that even to this day, still shocks the world.

  • meet The Team

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    Anzu Lawson

    Playwright. Composer. Lyricist.

    Actress portraying Yoko Ono

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    Joerg Stoeffel

    Composer. Music Producer

  • the untold side of John & Yoko's love story

    ...told from Yoko's perspective

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    pitch trailer

    Dear Yoko

    red carpet testimonials

    3 song medley of

    Cal State Workshop live performance

    Santa Monica Binge Fringe Festival - DEAR YOKO


    "I Don't Understand"

    Cal State Workshop live performance

    Anzu as Yoko


    "Don't Forget To Remember"

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